Early Intervention Service

What is the Early Intervention Service?

185x266memoryThe early Intervention service is for people recently diagnosed with dementia or in the process of getting diagnosed.

It can also help individuals to access a formal diagnosis if they are worried about the symptoms of dementia. The symptoms of dementia occur when the brain is affected by a specific disease or condition.

This service aims to provide practical and emotional support to individuals concerned about the symptoms of dementia and promotes the ethos of ‘living well with dementia’. This is through the importance of early diagnosis and accessing the right treatment and support.

This service will work in collaboration with the person in offering a personalised approach, through home visit and phone support.

The Early Intervention Service is part of the Redbridge Dementia Partnership were different organisations work together to improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers living in the local community.

The Early Intervention Service can point you on on to other agencies as well as help apply for benefits such as Attendance Allowance and Council Tax exemption.

Drop in clinic

The Early Intervention Service run a clinic, in partnership with the admiral nurse service and Redbridge Alzheimer’s society. The drop in provides accessible information for Redbridge residents.

Also providing in partnership with NELFT, Living Well with Dementia. It is a 7 week support group for Carers and people in the Early stages of Dementia.

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