Computer training

Age UK Redbridge computer training

182x215computer-lessonAge UK Redbridge offers IT training in small groups of up to five for those aged 50 and above.

We take absolute beginners, as well as those who have some knowledge and experience of computing.

We help people to use a mouse and keyboard, access the internet, send and receive emails, find their way around menus, open and save documents and try other applications.

We have some equipment to help those with specific disabilities such as limited vision, problems with hand control or painful arthritis.

We can also help with finding your way around an iPhone or iPad, using a Kindle or other digital equipment.

If you would like to go on our waiting list, please ring 020 8220 6000 and give Reception your name, telephone number and address, together with any relevant information such as whether you are a complete beginner or have any disabilities.

Our Activity Centre in Wanstead also offers some small group help and if you use the Centre we may put you on that waiting list instead of the central office one.